Reno, Nevada Swimming School for Young Children • Teaching with Love, Knowledge, & Care



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Our family friendly facility features:

  • Little One’s Swim utilizes Ultra Violet Light as our primary pool sanitizer
  • 90-92 degree heated indoor/outdoor instructional pool with Two large 0-2′ depth stair ledge areas for young children to safely explore water during class
  • Kiddies play pool for swimmers to play in prior to class or during siblings class
  • Two preschool slides and numerous age/development appropriate toys and equipment
  • Girls and boys changing rooms
  • Baby changing table
  • Children’s bathroom
  • Adult bathroom
  • Parents sit poolside next to child’s class
  • Optional viewing from inside front lobby through windows
  • We’re located one block east of the Lakeside & Moana light signal in Southwest Reno at 3670 Warren Way

Clean, Green Ultraviolet Pool Sanitizer Systems

Ultra Violet Light is the greenest family of pool and spa products

Little One’s Swim utilizes ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT as our primary pool sanitizer.

We have a Delta UV unit which deactivates bacteria, germs, viruses and algae without chemicals – including the chlorine-resistant protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV systems drastically reduce the use of chlorine. To learn more about the Delta UV systems, which utilize the most advanced, most environmental technology for sanitizing pools or spas, which protect families from exposure to chlorine and it’s by-products, please view

How is UV light used to sterilize water?

The pool water flows around the UV lamp exposing any microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and/or algae to a lethal dose of UV light.

Ultraviolet light penetrates the cell wall of a microorganism and reacts with the microorganisms DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The C=C carbon bond in the molecules of the microorganism is broken causing cellular death. The microorganism is rendered incapable of growing and multiplying. UV is very effective, destroying 99.9% of harmful organisms. After UV light exposure, a strong oxidative effect occurs on any organism that passes through the media, converting algae, pathogens, and viruses into harmless inert byproducts.

Why is UV especially well suited for swimming pool sterilization?

UV has two very impressive effects on swimming pool water. First, UV destroys 99.9% of harmful organisms as they pass through the UV sterilizer chamber. This germicidal benefits of UV has been known for decades. The scientific community recently discovered a second benefit, which is equally impressive as the first. UV almost perfectly unlinks the hypochorous acid from ammonia, destroying unwanted combined chlorine, also known as chloramines. Chloramines are known to cause a host of problems in swimming pools, from the foul odor to burning eyes, skin irritation, and respiratory irritation.