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2024-2025 Swim Program Calendar

The ’24-’25 Waitlist is closed

March 1st through May 15th – ’25-’26 Swim Program Waitlist is Open

March 31 to April 10, 2025 – Current ’24-’25 Swim Program Families Registration is Open

May 23, 2024 – ’23-’24 School Year Swim Program Concludes

JUNE 10 ’24-’25 School Year Swim Program Begins

No Classes

JULY 4 (4th of July)

No Classes

AUGUST 5 – AUGUST 9 (Summer Break)

No Classes

SEPTEMBER 2 (Labor Day)

No Classes

OCTOBER 7-11 (Fall Break)

No Afternoon Classes October 31st

No Classes

NOVEMBER 25-29 (Thanksgiving Break)

No Classes

DECEMBER 20, 2024 to Jan 5, 2025 (Holiday Break)

JANUARY 6, 2025 classes resume

No Classes

 Jan 20, 2025 (Martin Luther King Holiday)

No Classes

FEBRUARY 17-21, 2025 (Winter Break)

March 1st through May 15th – ’25-’26 Swim Program Waitlist is Open

’25-’26 Swim Program Registration for Current Families Is Open March 31, to April 10, 2025

No Classes

MARCH 14 – March 30, 2025 (Spring Break)

MAY 22, 2025 – ’24-’25 School Year Swim Program Concludes


12 equal monthly rates based upon our swim program calendar. Tuition is run on the first of the month. All tuition not paid by the 6th day of each month will be charged a $25. late fee on the 7th day. All tuition not paid by the 14th day of each month we will release your child’s class space on the 15th day of the month.

30 Minute Lesson

  • 1 class per week $110/month. Family Rate: $105/month per child
  • 2 classes per week $210/month. Family Rate: $200/month per child

45 Minute Team

  • 1 day per week $130/month. Family Rate – $125/month per child
  • 2 days per week $245/month. Family Rate – $235/month per child

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons for children and adults are available on request. Private lessons are 20 minutes long.

5 Private lessons $325. and Insurance/Reg Fee (Must be completed within 3 months)

10 Private lessons $575. and Insurance/Reg Fee (Must be completed within 6 months)

Swim Lesson Registration/Waitlist

The ’24-’25 Swim program registration and waitlist are closed and all waitlist families will be deleted on Feb 28th, 2025.

The Waitlist for our Swim Program, will open annually from March 1st through May 15th. The prior Waitlist will annually be deleted on February 28th.

You’re welcome to call throughout the year to check on class openings. Usually, most openings will be in intermediate and advanced swim ability classes.

We are currently holding  group lessons Monday through Thursday, between 9:30 to 12 and 3:15 to 6:30 pm. Private lessons, according to teacher availability are primarily scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays at various times, and Monday through Thursday between 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Once we’re able to confirm a class with you then you will need to register online within 24 hours to secure your class spot. If you fail to register within this timeframe we will remove you from the waitlist and move on to the next child.


  • $100. first child, additional children $75. each, for annual registration/insurance fee. We do not run the reg/ins fee until confirming a class for your child.
  • Registration/Insurance coverage date is June 1st (or swimmer lesson start date prior to Jan) through May 31st. Swimmers starting lessons in Jan through May are charged adjusted registration/insurance rates.
  • Online registration is required of all swimmers, including “Drop-In” or “Trial Class” students.


  • We require a 30 day written notice to be given when stopping lessons.
  • Withdrawal Forms are located at our front desk.
  • Any withdrawal notification given on or after April 1st will be stopped at the conclusion of our school year program at the end of May.
  • If you choose to withdraw from lessons prior to a minimum of 2 consecutive months, we will bill all classes at our drop-in rate of $35. per 30 minute lesson or $50. per 45 minute Team.


  • Prior notification of class absences (minimum of 2 hours) due to illness, medical, or work conflict will be given make-up lessons. We request class absence notification be given as soon as possible, but require notification no later than two hours prior to the class start time to receive a make-up lesson.
  • Make-up lessons can be given for family vacation with a minimum of one week prior notification.
  • All make-up lessons must be completed within 1 month of the absence.
  • If possible, please schedule family vacation make-up lessons prior to your vacation.
  • Please wait until your child is well to schedule illness or medical make-up lessons.
  • We do not offer make-up lessons for missed make-up lessons.
  • Due to high operational costs we do not give refunds or credits for missed classes, regardless of reason


  • If you need to change your class schedule please notify our front desk staff person so we can fill out a Class Change Form and find available classes to accommodate your schedule.


  • Children may start lessons any month if we have class openings that accommodate your child’s age, swim ability, and schedule. We prorate your tuition to your child’s class start date.